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Sunday, February 1, 2009

The Randomness of Things
Recently I've been into random things and I'm a little embarrassed to tell you how. See, about a year ago I opened a Facebook account (something that I said that I would never do). I started connecting and communicating with friends that I haven't talked to in years (I have to admit, in the down times it's quite addictive). Then, just last week, a chain-letter style posting appeared titled, "25 Random Things About Me." (I also swore never to respond to silly chain letter emails) Well, I responded, and this is the result. 

Last Friday in a moment of frustration about the project I was working on I started my own list of 25 random things, just to get my mind on something else for a few minutes. I had been prompted to respond by three of my friends and thought, "never!" Then in about 10 minutes I typed out a list of quirky, silly, and serious things about me and I really loved the results!

Since Friday I've had flashes of randomness about my life. I'll go to the cupboard, grab a handful of Cool Ranch Doritos and think, "that's a random thing about me...I'm addicted to Cool Ranch Doritos." I really can't stop! I've been thinking about the randomness of my life since Friday. It's also been a treat to go back and look at the random things my friends have posted about their lives. I even emailed a friend and asked if I could use one of their random facts as an opening line for a short story. 

It's been a fresh and fun look at what seems to be an ordinary and mundane life at times. I encourage you to give it a try...what is random about your life? 

Open Your Eyes,

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