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The mission of Word’s Worth Writing Center is to serve as a residence and resource for writers of all ages. Our goal is to build, encourage, and advance writers in their efforts in crafting the written word for the page. We provide the following services in helping to fulfill this mission:


  • Weekly classes in various genres/styles of writing.
  • Writer’s workshops to provide feedback in a supportive writing community.
  • One-time workshops teaching the finer points of writing and craft.
  • Classes for students to help them succeed in their educational pursuits.
  • Drop in sessions for writers to spend time writing and connecting with other writers.
  • One-on-one sessions for specific feedback, direction, and instruction.


  • Weekly sessions designed for student’s individual writing needs.
  • Regular practice and feedback to meet a writing goal.
  • Instruction and direction in writing for standardized tests.
  • Encouragement and feedback in writing for a specific audience/purpose.


  • On-site classes for small groups designed to a specific writing need.
  • One-on-one feedback for manuscripts, communications, projects, or educational-related writing assignments.
  • Editorial services, including feedback on grammar/spelling, consistency, and style.
  • Manuscript review according to Modern Language Association style (MLA),
    American Psychological Association style (APA), Chicago Manual of Style, and Turabian style.
  • Publication advice, including production scheduling, market research, and manuscript organization and review.

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