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Below is a list of our upcoming classes and workshops. To register, just complete the form on the Registration page, and we'll send you a confirmation with additional class and billing information.

You can also call us directly at 937-475-5177 to register.

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Fall 2020 Classes


Class Description



Online classes will be conducted via Zoom. If you do not have a Zoom account yet, simply go to Zoom and register for a basic (FREE) account. Please note that you DO NOT have to pay for the ability to join a Zoom meeting. 

Please remember that you must have signed up for the Zoom account BEFORE you can join a class. If you've never used Zoom before, their website offers a free, easy video tutorial, and the ability to test your sound and video in advance.

Once you are registered, the instructor will email you the handout for the class and the Zoom invitation (the link to the meeting) the night before the class.  

November 17
6:30-8:30pm (EST)

WRITER'S WORKOUT @ HOME--Instructor: Katrina Kittle

Want a commitment-free dose of creative energy, encouragement, and spark? Word's Worth Writing Workouts are two hours of inexpensive, informal-tune-up-charge-your-engine writing exercises for writers of any genre and any level of experience. Someone recently told us these should be called "writing parties." Whatever you call them, you'll receive several original writing prompts and time to explore them. You'll get a mini-craft lesson, loads of tips, and the opportunity (totally voluntary!) to share your impromptu pieces. Turn off the inner critic, connect with fellow writers, and collect some inspiration to fuel your own writing time!

Price: $15

6:30-8:30pm (EST)


In 2017 Word's Worth launched its inaugural Writer's 12-Step Program: Write Your Novel Draft in a Year, and our fourth offering begins in
September 2020. In this class a community of writers all endeavor to complete the first draft of a novel in one year's time. If you've ever tried
National Novel Writing Month, this is the same idea, but this plan is a little more sustainable and doable with the rest of your life's obligations.

This community meets together virtually on the second Tuesday of each month from September 2020 to August 2021. In between sessions
you'll generate new work, meet with break out "writing groups (virtually or in person)," and be connected to a private internet group where you'll
receive a weekly "check-in" with instructor Katrina Kittle as well as receive motivational and accountability posts along the way. Instead of simply
saying, "By this time next year I'll have my book done," this program will give you a game plan, frequent deadlines, check points, craft lessons, and
the collective creative energy of other kindred spirits attempting the same goal. This program is for any FICTION writer ready to truly commit to their

Any genre of fiction is welcome. Memoir writers seeking this kind of community and accountability are welcome, but please understand that the instructional
focus will be on the craft of fiction (but creative nonfiction writers use these same techniques) Each month will have a focus (although material will change based
on the individual needs of group members). (Suggested ages 18 and up)

First Trimester Package

September: Developing Your Plan

October: Character Building--Motivation as Your GPS

November: Conflict and Personal Stakes

December: Research Tips and Traps

Price: $55 each, or package of 4 for $200 

This series of classes is now closed. If you'd like to sign up for our 2021 Group, beginning in September, please visit our Registration Page. 

Writer's 12 Step, November Class-Conflict and Personal Stakes, $55

Writer's 12 Step, December Class-Research Tips and Traps, $55

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